Is this the inside of your computer?

Are you getting random errors, computer slow or locking up? 

It may be more than a virus or malware. Why compromise your data? Let us do a diagnostic check.

PC Repair and service in Brimfield, MA and surrounding area

Located at: 135 Little Alum Rd

                     Brimfield, MA 01010

Please call ahead, we may be out of the office; leave a message - we will call you back!


Office: 413-245-7019

Mobile: 508-269-1402

Still have a Windows 7 computer? If you didn't do the free Windows 10 upgrade, let us do an estimate for you to see if a Windows 10 upgrade makes sense. Special pricing for Windows 10

Refurbished license. These are full versions of Windows 10, not an upgrade.

Computer diagnostics, data backup; repairs and upgrades; virus and malware removal

Get a thorough check of your computer, with data backup, if needed, and a diagnostic check of your hardware.

Custom, built-to-order, desktop computers 

Lucidox Computers

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